Claire and Paddy (black lab)

'Leo has provided walks to Paddy for over 6 months, and his service has been fantastic! Looking after kids and keeping a social life is hard enough, but to have the energy to walk a dog at the end of the day after all the rest can seem like too much to ask!' but Leo gives a great service and is a lovely guy - I think Paddy thinks so too!'

Carla and Pebbles (labradoodle puppy)

Leo has been a great walker for Pebbles, and though it seems impossible to exhaust her (pebbles), I know he gives her the exercise she needs because she is a little less hyperactive after Leo has taken her for her walk! I would recommend Leo as a dog walker.

Tony, Heather and Arny (golden retriever) 

Leo is a top guy and has given Arny the best a dog walker can give a dog - I know Arny approves because he always finds a gift for Leo when he comes in the door! His prices are good too, and he is friendly and always on time.

Jackie and T-bag (black lab)

Leo is a brilliant walker, and I mean that when I say it - he is genuinely passionate about his dogs, and I am certain he shows T-bag a great time when he takes him out on a walk. T-bag is calm (for a change) after his walks with Leo, so I am sure he gets the the excercise he needs with Leo!

Sarah, Bramble and Brie (springer spaniels)

Leo gave my two dogs the care and attention they needed with a professional and courteous service, and Bramble at least can be a handful! Nevertheless Leo comes across as a nice and trustworthy person, and I would be confident to leave my dogs in his care.